New Superman Game Confirmed?

It has literally been ages since we’ve gotten a good Superman game. We dare not bring up the likes of Superman Returns or Superman 64, just because it’s so damn depressing. Fortunately, if this rumor turns out to be true, we’ll have a hell of a return for the Man of Steel.


A poster over at the 4chan (yeah, we know, but 4chan has been right before) recently posited that Game Informer is preparing to announce the game that will be featured on the cover of its December issue – and that game is the next project from Rocksteady Studios, the creators of the Batman Arkham trilogy. What’s more, this game will apparently feature Superman.


“Game Informer cover game will be revealed next week. It will be Rocksteady’s Superman game. The scale and the ambition of the game is massive, you all will be blown away by the details. Can’t wait to see your reaction, lads.”


So far, reaction to the rumors on the forums have been mixed, with some people clearly stating that it’s a lie (“Spoiler alert: it won’t be”) and others taking a more cynical route (“SUPER STRENGTH, COLD BREATH, LASER VISION AS DLC”). Others, though, have been positive, hoping the rumor is true. After all, if anyone can justify Superman’s return to video games, it’s the team that did the same for Batman.


But what do we know about Rocksteady’s next project?



The developer behind the Batman Arkham games has been teasing their project for some time, explaining how fans will “lose their minds” when they finally see it. The confirmation of a Superman game would definitely have that effect on us.

That said, we’ve seen rumors about other Rocksteady projects that were in the works that never came to fruition, including a Suicide Squad game, a Ninja Turtles game (how cool would that have been?!) and even a Wonder Woman game.


4chan isn’t exactly the most trusted source, so take this rumor with a very heavy grain of salt. Game Informer’s cover reveal isn’t too far off, so we’ll let you know if we’ll be flying high with the Man of Steel again soon enough.
In the meantime, is a Superman game from Rocksteady even something you’d want to see, or should they move on from Superhero games? Let us know in the poll below!

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