10 Reasons Black Panther Is More Batman Than Batman

People love the Dark Knight so much they could even accept Ben Affleck playing him, but Black Panther? He gets no respect from the general public. Thing is: Everything Batman is, Black Panther is better.
For the uninitiated, Batman may be one of the world’s first recognized superheroes, but T’Challa the Black Panther deserves his props too: he was the first major mainstream black superhero. True, there had been some embarrassing attempts in the past, and others that were noteworthy but never caught on among the reading public, but Black Panther premiered in the World’s Greatest Comics Magazine: the Fantastic Four. Meanwhile DC was afraid to have a black hero join the Legion of Superheroes.
Like Batman, Black Panther is an intelligent, rich man who is one of the best fighters in the world, and hangs out with the world’s most powerful superteam. In all respects however, Black Panther is the better man.

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