10 Reasons Batman Will Always Beat Iron Man At His Own Game

It’s an age ol’ debate, one that has lasted since the creation of the two universes – Marvel and DC. It is in no way unfair to draw parallels between two of the most loved heroes of our time – Batman and Iron Man. But let’s face it, Batman’s always going to be the better of the two. If you don’t believe me, here are 10 reasons which may persuade you otherwise:

10.  It’s all about the money
It might sound unbelievable, but Forbes actually made a list of the richest fictional characters, and Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman came in at 4th with $6.8 billion, whereas Tony Stark managed a mere $3 billion. Not bad for a self-proclaimed billionaire philanthropist but nothing compared to the Dark Knight. Just so you know, the first spot on the list went to Smaug from The Hobbit, but he’s a dragon and let’s face it, dragons are awesome.

Image source: conservativenewager.com
9. With money come women
Bruce has had his fair share of fun on the side. He’s dated 3 batwomen, 1 batgirl, catwoman, Poison ivy, Talia-al-ghul (with whom he eventually has his son Damien) and even Lois Lane and Wonder Woman. Now that’s a lot for a depressed narcissist who sits around moping all day and springs into action in the night, both literally and figuratively. Tony has only ever had Pepper Potts; you know, that actress who was married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin. Tony spends most of his time fantasizing about other women, however, which is really sad when your net worth is over $3 billion.

Image source: r-valle.deviantart.com
8. Smarter than your average superhero
Everyone in the DC universe thinks that Bruce Wayne just inherited his wealth and sits around all day swimming in it, when in fact, he is one of the smartest fictional characters alive. He’s so smart, he has a contingency plan for every Justice League character AND outsmarted Darkseid, a ruthless and exceptionally brilliant God. Tony….only ever had a drink with Loki who’s not even a God let alone smart. So yeah, another feather in the cap for Mr.Wayne.

Image source: taguiar.deviantart.com
7. Best detective in the world
He has and will always be revered as the best detective that ever was. His instincts are on another level of awesome and his brain just oozes with information (and negativity) which always gives him a reason to stay ahead. Tony Stark is an idiot. He didn’t even know that his own weapons were being sold to terrorists. He’s John Snow, case and point.

Image source: comicvine.com
6. A dark past to avenge
Batman’s past will always haunt him, which is his strongest and weakest point. But Bruce always has a motive; he is portrayed as Batman well into his 50’s and has a constant need to deliver justice on the impurities of Gotham. Tony only wants to save himself. He’s a selfish b!%(#. And to top it off, he’s not even the real Tony Stark, only an adopted boy who stole the identity.

Image source: comicbook.com
5. Friends

Batman has Superman and Alfred. Enough said. Tony has John Rhody Rhodes (war machine), both of whom can easily be desecrated by Superman on diet pills sipping kryptonite from a straw while swimming on a Red Sun.

Image source: brinvy.biz
4. Some things are better left unsaid
In the comics, no one ever knew who Batman was. He took his identity with him to the grave (yes he’s dead but how long can a mortal fly around in a pedophilic batsuit anyway?). Iron Man couldn’t keep it in his pants for even a day? He had to go and blurt out that he was Iron Man, thus reinforcing the fact that he’s an idiot.

Image source: io9.com
3. Always on the edge
Bruce doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. He believes that he needs to always be alert and attentive, in-case Gotham needs him. Tony Stark is a raging alcoholic and almost always on drugs. He couldn’t walk on a straight line to save his life. I think you’re beginning to wonder why you ever thought he was awesome.

Image source: headsupstudios.deviantart.com
2. Good, old-school beating
Bruce knows 127 different martial arts, some of which he invented. To top it off, he’s been trained by the man who refuses to die, Ra’s-al-ghul. He can also bench press 500 kilos (just throwing it in there for effect). Iron man is a couch potato. He gets so lazy, he just lies on his couch stoned while his robots go out and do his bidding.

Image source: impulsegamer.com
1. Because He’s Batman
Batman is better than Iron-Man for this one simple reason, and I quote, “Because I’m Batman!” When people couldn’t find a way to explain how Batman is as brilliant as he is, they just started giving it to him because he’s Batman.  Iron-Man can never measure up to what Batman is. He will forever live in the shadow of the better version of himself, much like Vegeta to Goku (for those of you who know what I’m talking about).


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