10 Reasons Why Spiderman Is Better Than Superman

On July 3rd 2012, “The Amazing Spiderman” hit movie theatres and the public was again able to see all the great attributes of Spidey. I personally have always been a fan of the web-slinger, since very young. Over the years I have grown attached to Peter Parker and his alternate personality. Spiderman has it all.
Then there’s Superman who will be promoted anew in “Man of Steel” slated to open in June 2013. Is he really that super? Is he really the all-American image that they would have us believe? I actually don’t think so, and here are my 10 reasons why I believe Spiderman is better than Superman. After reading this you will have to agree that The Amazing Spiderman is simply the greatest superhero of them all…

Dumped on our planet as an infant
1. He Was Born on Earth . . .
Spiderman was born to earthly parents who were later killed in a plane crash, but Superman was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton. He was jettisoned to earth by his father Jor-El to avoid him being destroyed along with the rest of the inhabitants of Krypton when that planet was destroyed. Hence, he is basically an alien who was adopted by human parents as an infant. How can we seriously let an alien be considered the greatest superhero for humanity?
Surely it should be one of our own? Peter Parker (homosapien) is willing and able to represent his own kind. Kudos to Superman for stepping up and doing his thing but then again what choice did he have – he couldn’t go home now could he? Spiderman is all human and all superhero.

A cape? Seriously?
2. He Doesn’t Wear a Silly Cape . . .
Capes have been passé for many years now and, let’s face it, aren’t all that practical when fighting crime. Picture it, you’re in the middle of some intense hand-to-hand combat with your local villain and you have the upper hand when all of a sudden you step on the hem of your fancy cape causing you to fall flat on your face at the mercy of said villain. Not practical and not necessary for the likes of Spiderman. I figure it’s all about the show.
The fancier your costume the more people will like you. Seems to have worked for the overly flamboyant Superman as he has fooled millions of people into thinking he is better than he really is. Spidey on the other hand keeps it simple and aerodynamic.

“Run Superman, the rock is gonna get ya!”
3. He Isn’t Afraid of a Lump of Rock . . .
Spiderman will battle all comers with no fear. He doesn’t have to worry about some inherent weakness that might sneak up and bite him unawares. He rushes headlong into battle time and time again no matter what the danger. Superman could be said to do the same until suddenly he comes across, what? A huge ten-headed monster that will tear him limb from limb?
A deadly laser that can penetrate his impenetrable body? No, instead he runs in fear from a piece of rock. Green kryptonite to be exact (although the colour has changed over the years). This innocuous rock renders him weak and nauseous. Here, catch this stone Superman!
4. He Doesn’t Need Yellow to Complete his Outfit . . .
Red and blue are totally acceptable superhero colours, but there is really no need to go too far and include yellow. Both Spiderman and Superman have the red/blue combo working nicely and for any great superhero that is enough. But Superman has to try to go one better and include yellow on his costume.
His “S” incorporates it in a “look at me” sort of way. And whilst we are on that subject, the “S” is particularly ambiguous anyway. It’s not like, say… a spider, which is immediately identifiable. The “S” could stand for anything. Snazzy-man? Splendid-man? Second Best-man? Then there’s that odd yellow belt. The red and blue that Spiderman wears just works. Period.

Would the real man step forward please?
5. He Is Real When He Isn’t Spiderman
When Spiderman isn’t Spiderman, he’s Peter Parker, a real guy with real issues and real struggles. He goes to a real school, or a real job. He has real family. He has real relationships.
Superman’s alter ego is really just a cover up for Superman, and even then it’s a pretty pathetic disguise. I mean really, it isn’t that hard to tell that Clark Kent is just Superman in glasses! Clark Kent is just a façade to hide behind as opposed to someone genuine.


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